The Solution

Deliver your care packages through 12thStep.org.

A lack of CONNECTION propels relapse!

85% of people who go through recovery relapse within one year of treatment. ⅔ of those 85% return to their addiction within weeks of treatment.

Build Meaningful Connection

12thStep.org delivers care packages that are in alignment with treatment plans.

Build connection without the disruption.

Two options to build connection

Option #1:

Build Connection Through Sponsorship

60% of people in treatment have no one rooting for them on the outside.

You have the opportunity to share a message of hope with this 60% by purchasing a care package to be delivered to one of our partners.

The check out process will include a field for you to share words of hope and encouragement.

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Option #2:

Build Family and Friend Connection

You have the opportunity to share a message of hope with your loved one in treatment.

Click the link below to see if your treatment center is listed as a partner.

If it is not, no need to worry. The opportunity for partnership with your treament center is just one conversation away.

Order anyway and during checkout a field will be included for you to provide your treatment center information for delivery.

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One thing we need in the world today is people working on solving problems and not just pointing them out. 12thstep.org is working to do just that.

Ron Tenney

Did You Know?

There were more than 93,000 drug overdose deaths in the United States alone in 2020, the highest of any one-year period since the nation's opioid crisis began in the 1990s, preliminary government data show. That is the same as three Boeing 737 airplanes at full capacity crashing to the earth every day.

An estimated 22 million Americans are needing recovery from drug and other addictions. Approximately 3.7 million people are currently in centers going through programs to get help.

This is only 10% of people that need treatment.

There are over 14,000+ registered facilities in America that help people with addiction through recovery programs.

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