Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

Foster healthy connection and hope for those who are in the difficult moments of addiction recovery treatment through a care package service that is in alignment with treatment goals.


Deliver connection and hope to the patients of every addiction treatment provider in the United States.




Tom Tenney  

Chief Executive Officer and Founder of 12th Step. Tom graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelors in Psychology and Organizational Behavior. After serving as a therapeutic foster parent and Academic Counselor for four years Tom completed his M.B.A at University of Phoenix.  It was while serving as Chief Experience Officer of an addiction treatment center that Tom found what was missing in the recovery process.


Chris Lange

Chief Operating Officer / Chief Marketing Officer and Co-Founder of 12th Step. Chris has started, built and managed small to large businesses since the age of 23 when he purchased his first quarter of a million-dollar business. He has helped manage multi billion-dollar companies helping drive operational excellence and key metric performance in sales, marketing, digital marketing and customer retention. He has started, built and sold many successful businesses ranging from Health Clubs, Tele-Medicine, Property Rentals, Event Entertainment, Luxury Boat Rental Businesses to App Development Companies. Chris has over 20 years of experience helping companies grow, develop and reach peak financial and operational performance.


Robin Martherus

Chief Technology Officer and has 30+ years involved in all aspects of bringing ideas to life by inventing industry changing technologies, starting companies when needed, and driving strategy as a technical leader at large fortune 500 companies. He is the inventor of numerous patents assigned to companies such as Apple, Oracle and Cisco. He is also the founder/co-founder of 5 different startups which have either been acquired or had a successful IPO event. In his spare time he enjoys being at various beaches around the world with his family especially on Oahu's north shore where he and his wife graduated from BYU-Hawaii.


Lauren Sisler

Chief Promotions Officer and a two-time national award-winning sports broadcaster who joined ESPN and SEC Network in 2016 as a sideline reporter for both college football and gymnastics. In addition, she serves as a sports reporter and host at AL.com where she covers a multitude of teams and sports in the state of Alabama. Her journey was not always full of victories and celebrations. In 2003 as a freshman at Rutgers University, tragedy struck Lauren’s world when she unexpectedly lost both of her parents within hours of each other to their concealed battle with addiction. Through her grief and despair, Lauren found the courage to continue moving forward and find success. Lauren now shares her story across the country in hopes of spreading awareness while breaking down the barriers that stand in the way of us living our best life.


Lance Monahan

Chief Financial Officer and is a Certified Public Accountant, with over 20 years of experience in Finance and Accounting. Mr. Monahan obtained his bachelor’s degree in Accountancy from Arizona State University. Mr. Monahan has an extensive background in healthcare and human service companies; having served in finance executive roles at Terros Health, DaVita, and Jewish Family Service of Colorado. He has also played an integral role in the successful launch of startup enterprises. He began his accounting career at public accounting firm Heinfeld, Meech & Co, where he was as an auditor and consultant for various government agencies and nonprofits


Dan Oakes

Director on the 12th Step Board.  Dan is a trained mental health professional, an expert in relationships, sexuality, and parenting as well as depression, anxiety, and obsessive compulsive behavior. He focuses on the needs of individuals and families. He utilizes is professional skills as a mental health specialist to relieve pain, heal hearts, and restore connections. Dan believes in the inherent value of an individual which is rich, expansive and eternal. He believes that the problems we experience in life and the mental health challenges that we endure can be mitigated and alleviated by sound clinical intervention as well as enhanced spiritual living. Dan is not just a clinical expert. Dan's skills are not only a result of his education and training, but also informed by his relationship with his wife Shannon and his five children and a deep appreciation for the human experience. 


Thara Tenney

Chief Communications Officer. Thara has her bachelor's in communication with an emphasis in marketing. Through the years she has partnered with multiple organizations whose mission aligned with hers. Her background includes crowd funding; ghost writing; event planning; networking; product development, fulfilment, and marketing; and public speaking. She now teaches honors English for American Leadership Academy.



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